Deoxy+ RT kit

Deoxy+ RT Kit is composed of Deoxy+ HiSpec Reverse Transcriptase (RTase), 2X Deoxy+ RT premix, RNase inhibitor, and primers. Deoxy+ HiSpec RTase is genetically engineered by introducing point mutations to MMLV RTase that increase half-life, reduce RNase activity and increase thermal stability. Those mutations also lead to increased specificity of Deoxy+ HiSpec RTase and giving highest cDNA yields. It is ideal for RT-PCR of a specific target gene or generating cDNA from total or poly (A)+ RNA samples. It synthesizes a complementary DNA strand from total RNA, mRNA, or an RNA:DNA hybrid. This kit also includes RNase inhibitor, which specifically inhibits RNases A, B and C with high affinity, thus protects template RNA from degradation by RNase during the reverse transcription reaction.


  • Deoxy+ HiSpec Reverse Transcriptase
  • 2× Deoxy+ RT premix : 100 mM Tris-HCl pH 8.3 , 150 mM KCl , 6 mM MgCl2 ,
    20 mM DTT , 1 mM dNTPs
  • RNase Inhibitor (40 U/μL)
  • 50 μM Oligo (dT)
  • 50 μM Random Primer

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