EZtime Real-Time PCR Premix

The EZtime Real-Time PCR Premix (# FYT103-100P or # FYT104-100P) is a ready-to-use, 2× concentrated PCR premix, including Hotstart Taq, SYBR Green I, optimized reaction buffer and nucleotides (# FYT104-100P with ROX) for running quantitative real-time PCR, including qPCR and 2-step qRT-PCR, in the SYBR Green I detection format. SYBR Green Premix provides high sensitivity, wide dynamic range and reproducibility for quantification.
The EZtime Real-Time PCR Premix (# FYT105-100P or # FYT106-100P) is a ready-to-use, 2× concentrated PCR premix that contains all reagents (except for primers, probe and template) needed for running real-time PCR (# FYT106-100P with ROX). Real-time PCR is performed by addition of various probes, such as Taq Man, Molecular Beacon, etc. This product combines the high performance Hotstart Taq with a buffer which provides good specificity, amplification efficiency for real-time PCR.

Ref.: FYT103-400P, FYT104-400P, FYT105-400P, FYT106-400P


  • Specificity :
    Hotstart Taq and the optimized buffer eliminate non-specific amplification and formation of primer dimers
  • Sensitivity :
    detects low copy number targets
  • Wide linear range :
    accurate quantification across 9 orders of magnitude
  • Reproducibility and convenience :
    ready-to-use 2× master mix minimizes pipetting error and reduces set-up time


    • Quantitative real-time PCR
    • Quantitative 2-step RT-PCR
    • Quick and accurate detection and quantification of target gene through real-time PCR

    Quality Control

    • Error<0.01, 2.1>Efficiency>1.90, ∆CP<1
    • The absence of endo-, exodeoxyribonucleases and ribonucleases is confirmed by appropriate quality tests. Functionally tested in qPCR for specificity, sensitivity and reproducibility using serial dilutions of control genomic DNA template.

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