GALMEDIC Technical Service helps you:

  • Avoid the need to have your own technical service in your company, saving the fixed costs that it entails.
  • Reduce the immobilization times of your equipment.
  • Reduce administrative tasks related to warranty or breakdown procedures. Regardless of the brand or supplier from which the product was purchased, GALMEDIC will act as the sole interlocutor in warranty or repair operations, so that your requirements will be met more easily.

1. Warranty Equipment Management Service provided by GALMEDIC.

GALMEDIC can carry out the procedures for the management of the guarantee of the equipment with the manufacturer of the same. The terms and conditions to be applied will be those marked by the manufacturer of each of the equipment under warranty.

The transport of the equipment and the travel of the technician are not included (unless the manufacturer indicates otherwise).

In those cases in which the warranty period has been exceeded, or when the manufacturer informs us that the failure of the equipment is not covered under the terms of its warranty, GALMEDIC may take charge of the repair if you are interested, acting as mode described below.

2. Out of Warranty Equipment Management Service (Supplied or not by GALMEDIC)

For those equipments in which the guarantee is not applicable, GALMEDIC has its own Technical Service capable of providing repair service for all types of equipment and brands, whether they have been supplied by us or if they have been purchased from another supplier. The transport of the equipment and the technician's travel are not included.

Before proceeding with any technical action, GALMEDIC will issue a repair estimate so that you can decide.

The preparation of a repair estimate cost is directly related by the technical-labor hours used. If the budget is accepted, the cost of the diagnosis will be included in the price. In case of not accepting the repair estimate, an invoice will be issued for this amount.

To manage a repair, you must complete a questionnaire that appears below and send it by e-mail to

Technical service