>> Exclusive drums for each solvent, which translates into a Better quality assurance for the users as well as better conservation of the drums.

>> Environmentally friendly

  • Wastage of empty glass containers is eliminated
  • No additional packaging (i.e. boxes and other materials) is required
  • Waste due to packaging materials is minimised
  • Reusable drums
  • Global energy savings

>> Economic benefit: minimizes waste management and recycling expenses and also generates lower storage costs.

>> Maximum safety for the user

  • Reduced fire hazard
  • Robust containers resistant to impacts
  • Avoids spills
  • Safety drums available for flammable products

>> Enhanced product quality:

  • Newly packaged product in each shipment
  • 7 l container with GL45 thread, allowing a direct connection to HPLC equipments, avoiding transfers
  • Closed system from the point of production to the place of use
  • Drums designed to contain high purity solvents

>> Flexibility:

  • Adaptable to customers changing consumption needs
  • Variety of containers and sizes to suit every need

>> Efficient logistics

  • Space saving: less than 50% space compared with the equivalent volum packed in glass bottles
  • Pressurizable containers that enable the supply of solvent to the point of use, eliminating the transfer of containers in the laboratory

Instant delivery


The returnable drums service we offer is characterized by offering solvents in drums that are customized for each product and customer, in a service and collection circuit that adapts to the consumption required by the user.

The drums are personalised with the product label, customer code and registration number. The consumption of solvent, many times, is not regular and it is necessary to resize the drum wheel to avoid lack of supply. Drum registration allows easier, faster and more efficient monitoring.

In the first shipment, all the agreed drums are sent to the customer. As they are spent, they are collected empty and transported to the filling plant where they are cleaned, conditioned, refilled and re-shipped. Always with the same product, of the same quality and always for the same customer. The average time in which the whole process takes place is approximately 10 days.

Our R.D.S. offers packaging of different materials and sizes, to suit user requirements, as well as accessories to facilitate handling and storage of drums, to make the process more simple, convenient and safe.Check with us all the options.

Galmedic has its own stock of drums

Bidón 7 litros

7 litres stainless steel drums

  • The thread (GL45) is like that of a glass bottle enabling the same dosing systems or analytical instruments plugs (HPLC, titrators, etc.) to be used
  • User friendly, thanks to its metal handle
  • Occupies much less space than 3 bottles of 2,5 l and unlike glass, do not break
  • Suitable for storage of all liquids compatible with Steel, including high putity liquids

Bidón 25 litros

25 litres stainless steel safety drums

  • Safety features: In addition to its impact resistance, the safety drum has several additional security elements: mesh containment, aeration valve and safety valve in the cap
  • In case of fire, the flames do not penetrate the drum, thus preventing explosion
  • It is particularly suitable for storing flammable liquids such as hexane, acetone, and ether
  • Once on site, the cap is replaced by a steel self-closing tap to enable emptying in a horizontal position. Supplied with a metal ring for easy handling

Bidón 30+ litros

30, 100, 185 and 200 litres stainless steel drums

  • For large solvent consumption. The absence of polymer joints between the different parts of the drum ensures that the product is preserved to the highest quality
  • Used for the storage of al solvents with the exception of some chlorinated solvents, due to their chemical incompatibility with steel
  • The drums are pressurised making them suitable in applications where solvents are dispensed over long distances
  • The liquid may be removed by the introduction of positive pressure of an inert gas through a steel dispensing system

In the case of consumptions greater than 5000L per year, 1000L pressurizable containers can be supplied