Galmedic's human team has a total commitment to maintaining the quality of the products distributed, as well as to a continuous improvement in the processes that are followed for this. Our comprehensive service approach based on trust and the high quality of the products we sell, allows us to guarantee you an excellent personalised assistance, valued and recognised by our clients and suppliers.

Galmedic carefully selects suppliers and articles that meet the highest quality requirements and the international standards that support them, to provide you with products and services tailored to your needs.

We keep records that ensure the traceability of all the products that we distribute to our customers, from their origin to the end user, for which we have powerful computer applications and databases with online access. In this way, we can properly detect and trace any malfunction, failure or deterioration in the characteristics of a product, preventing it from negatively affecting your results at a technical or health level. Said traceability also guarantees the systematic and immediate withdrawal of those batches that are detected as affected or defective, protecting you from any damage that may arise from their use.

The handling, storage and transport of the products we sell is always carried out in accordance with the instructions found in the information, labelling and / or the pertinent indications issued by the suppliers. At Galmedic we take special care to maintain the cold chain and any other environmental conditions that may affect the products, and we have perfectly designed and equipped facilities for this. Our compliance with ADR regulations also guarantees the safety in the transport of chemical products.

As a supplier or client, you can, upon authorised request, carry out specific or periodic audits of Galmedic's internal documents and records, as well as of our facilities when you deem it necessary, to verify compliance with the conditions required by your quality system.

Quality and customer service are involved in all Galmedic processes, which ultimately means that you can carry out your work as you had planned, in the right timeframes and with the best products.